34 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Facebook Ads Manager [Full List]

Most business owners know that Instagram and Facebook advertising can help to grow both their customer base and their sales. It’s likely they’ve taken courses, watched videos, or looked to other resources for help to hone in on a strategy.

Here’s the thing: It’s EASY to get started with Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Here is a checklist of questions you should be asking BEFORE you outsource any digital advertising; Whether it be Facebook and Instagram, or any other paid platform.

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Three Ways to Increase your Organic Reach on Instagram

Instagram can be a beast to understand. Sometimes it feels like you are posting content for an audience of none or that the right people are missing your posts entirely. While there are a number of other methods you can use to increase your reach (that we’ll talk in-depth about in the near future), here are three easy steps you can implement to your Instagram strategy right now that will make a world of difference in your reach.

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3 Crucial Steps You MUST Take When a Client Campaign Fails

The thing I love MOST about marketing is when a campaign takes off. Celebrating successes with clients is the kind of satisfying high that draws people into the industry in a constant stream. The HARDEST thing about working in this field, though, is when an advertising campaign or initiative completely flops.

Looking a client in the face (thanks to our friend video chat) and telling them you won’t be hitting your numbers after spending their hard-earned dollars is what keeps folks like us up at night. It’s the reason for that little voice of doubt in the back of every freelancer's mind telling them they’ll hit “publish” on their campaigns and hear crickets. Telling them that they don’t have what it takes to make it in this space.

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Voice Search: The Future of The SEO Landscape

Did you know Google updates it's search algorithm at least once per day? Crazy, right?

Usually, these are minor updates and don't have a major impact to your online ranking. Either way, it's still important to be in the know with the ever changing SEO landscape out there today. Especially, since having a proper SEO strategy can mean the difference between life and death for your business.

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