How and Why to Start a Facebook Group for Your Business

If you’re wondering if you need a Facebook group, or if it would have a positive impact on your business, I want to start by asking you a few questions...

  1. Would you like to position yourself as a go-to expert in your field?

  2. Would your clients and potential clients benefit from interacting and collaborating with each other?

  3. Are people uniquely passionate about your products or services?

  4. Are you operating your business on a tight or bootstrapped budget?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, a Facebook group might be the perfect addition to your digital marketing funnel. After all, the entire point of a funnel is to establish familiarity and trust with potential customers or clients and to “warm” them enough to entice a purchase. What better way to do that than by creating a community where you curate and serve content that’s valuable to them?

Today we will be speaking about FREE Facebook groups, though we will discuss subscription-based groups like Digital Brand Envy in the future.

Let’s tackle that first question... Do you want to establish yourself as an EXPERT in your field?

If you answered YES, listen up.

Facebook Groups give you the chance to showcase your expertise and dedication to your customers or potential customers, especially since many will be asking questions that are visible to other group members.

By answering these questions, encouraging and requesting feedback, and fostering a collaborative space, you can create and cement valuable personal connections with your customers that will be constantly looking to you and your guidance and mentorship.

Even if people can’t afford your paid products or services, if you provide them with enough value in your group, they will begin recommending you to others and become your own personal cheer squad.

Now, onto that second question... Would your clients and potential clients benefit from interacting and collaborating with each other?

This question ties in with the first. If you are constantly getting similar questions from your customers or potential customers, why not answer them in a group setting so that everyone can benefit from the answers? Some members may not even have thought to ask a question until it was posted in the group and end up being happy that someone was brave enough to ask.

Plus, we have to remember that we DON’T know it all. Group members can provide unique perspectives that benefit both you and the other members. By fostering this type of collaborative community, people will begin using your group as their go-to source for information. When they are ready to continue their learning experience, they will be MUCH more likely to choose you because of this relationship.

Now, number 3. Are people uniquely passionate about your products or services?

I had a Facebook Ads client recently who sold wiener dog clothes and home decor. What I learned in that process was that people are PASSIONATE about wiener dogs, and love to share pictures, stories, and funny memes related to them. While this client didn’t teach or coach anything, she did have a wildly passionate customer base that could only be amplified in a group setting.

Inside the group, people celebrated new product launches, made suggestions, posted amazing, unsolicited pictures of themselves in the goods they purchased, and above all, formed an amazing bond with each other-- kind of like they finally found their “people.” (People SO passionate about their wiener dog that they want to wear their picture and sleep on a pillow with their face.)

Would this work for a department store? Probably not. But because this was such a niche product with such amazing fans, this strategy works amazingly well.

Now, onto that last question I asked. Are you operating your business on a tight or bootstrapped budget?

While I ALWAYS recommend using digital ads for your business, I understand that not everyone has thousands of dollars a month to spend-- and that’s OK. You can still email your list, work your YouTube channel, and post great organic content on your Facebook and Instagram pages for free.

The only problem with that is that organic reach is LOWER than ever (around 3%), meaning that only 3-6% of the fans you worked SO hard to get will see anything you post organically.

Add that to the fact that it’s harder than ever to organically grow Facebook and Instagram accounts, you may feel like giving up. But you don’t have to.

In early 2018 Facebook decided that they wanted to enhance the community feel of their platform and that they’d be prioritizing group posts over page posts. So what does this mean for you?

It means you can get WAY more reach inside your group-- without paying Facebook a penny. You can even grow your group organically through videos, Facebook Live videos, Pinterest, and YouTube to really make this work on a tight budget.

Every time you put out a new lead magnet, a new product, or a new offer, you will be able to share it inside your group and reach a lot more of your people without having to spend money on ads.

You might be thinking, well why even bother with a page then? Well, first, it’s required according to terms of service. (If you don’t have a page, you’re conducting business solely through your personal profile inside the group which is a no-no according to Facebook.) Having a Page also allows you to run ad campaigns for your business, get reviews, and more. It will show up in search engines, and provide valuable information like a map and contact information for your business. Users can also message you there directly.

Currently, you have 3 options for your Facebook Group: a public group, a closed group, and a secret group. I generally recommend creating a closed group no matter what your business type is. If a group is public then users really have no incentive to join because they can read all of the posts and access all of the content without joining.

On the flip side, if a group is secret, users won’t be able to find it via search, and Facebook won’t be able to recommend it to people who may be interested. A closed group will give you the best of both worlds; people will be able to find it, read the description, and see what it’s about, but not access the content or posts until they join.

Are you convinced a group is something you can use to grow your business? We’re happy to have paved the way! Do you have questions about what to post in your group or how it should differ from your page? Stay tuned! That training’s coming.

In the meantime, explore our video trainings inside Digital Brand Envy, our Facebook Group created to help you refine your social media skills.

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