Paid Workshops: The New Strategy That Will Reinvigorate Your Email List

If you have been building an email list for some time, even if it’s small, I want to share a strategy with you that has REALLY been working for us. If you’ve been list-building for a few months or more, there are likely subscribers on your list that have already consumed your free content, have already seen your lower-priced offers, and have already been presented with your higher ticket paid offers. But for some reason, these customers didn’t convert. 

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The 4 Biggest Mistakes Holding Business Owners Back

I’ve been in the online marketing world since roughly 2009 and over the past ten years, I have seen both brands and individuals rise and fall in this space.

You may be familiar with one of my favorite phrases, “success leaves clues,” which refers to the notion that successes rarely occur overnight. Rather they are a result of strategic steps and routines that got the person or brand to the level you may be deemed as “successful.”

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Learn The Engaging, Long-form Caption Formula Method and Win!

The Engaging, Long-form Caption Formula

Whether you’re writing on behalf of a brand or for yourself, finding your voice online can be hard. With so many marketers and professional Instagrammers pushing for their version of authenticity, it’s even more difficult to develop a rhythm for engaging captions. Short, witty, and to-the-point captions are often the way for businesses to go, but it’s no secret that the long-form caption is a winner.

Want to master engaging captions? Follow our simple formula for success…

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Show, Don't Tell on Social Media

What is Show, Don’t Tell?

If you’re wondering why customers don’t respond when you explain that your product is the best, it may be because you’re explaining it too much.

Social media is a visual medium, and as a digital marketer, you’re required to become a digital storyteller too. The first rule in storytelling? Show, don’t tell.

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How to Create Instagram Stories that Generate DMs

Instagram stories allow brands to share more intimate, playful, and customer-forward content. But most of all, Instagram stories bring your business one step closer to connecting with your followers 1-on-1, all thanks to the DM. Today I’m going to share with you some ways you can craft your Instagram stories to optimize for customer interaction and lead customers to your inbox where you can continue a more meaningful conversation.

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How to Master Ghostwriting Blog Posts for Clients

Keeping up with your content creation is essential if you want to stay on top in the digital marketing world. With so many responsibilities that come with operating a business, it can be difficult for companies to generate content consistently. Therefore, many businesses outsource their content to a ghostwriter, allowing more internal resources to focus on running the company.

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Has "Authenticity" on Social Media Become Another Box to Check?

Each Tuesday Morning I sit at my desk, sip my coffee, and catch up on my favorite political podcasts. While talking about the number of people adding their name to the list of Presidential Candidates, Jon Lovett uttered the words, “Authenticity is all about seeming honest.”

This sentence struck me so abruptly and so sharply that I had to rewind, pause, and write it down. Then write it down again. And again. And this time in red marker.

After watching the Fyre Festival documentaries on Hulu and Netflix, the candidacy announcement speeches of every Democrat in the country, and countless bloggers post “real” captions under fake photos, these were the exact words I wanted to formulate, but couldn’t.

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How and Why to Start a Facebook Group for Your Business

If you’re wondering if you need a Facebook group, or if it would have a positive impact on your business, I want to start by asking you a few questions...

  1. Would you like to position yourself as a go-to expert in your field?

  2. Would your clients and potential clients benefit from interacting and collaborating with each other?

  3. Are people uniquely passionate about your products or services?

  4. Are you operating your business on a tight or bootstrapped budget?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, a Facebook group might be the perfect addition to your digital marketing funnel. After all, the entire point of a funnel is to establish familiarity and trust with potential customers or clients and to “warm” them enough to entice a purchase. What better way to do that than by creating a community where you curate and serve content that’s valuable to them?

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How is Social Listening Different from Online Review Monitoring ?

You care about what people are saying about your business. Whether your business is mentioned on Facebook, Google, Twitter, or an industry-specific site like Healthgrades, knowing what the online universe is saying about you is important.

So important that you want to take steps to monitor all these mentions of your business, right? You’ve heard terms like social listening and review monitoring. They seem pretty similar. And well, they kind of are … and they kind of aren’t. First of all, let’s clear up this confusion by defining both.

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5 Tips for Using Instagram in 2019

Instagram is quickly becoming the ruling Queen to Facebook’s king consort of Social Networks. Hopefully, you are already implementing an updated Instagram strategy for your business in 2019, but we want to share some additional tips for having your best year EVER on Instagram.

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What Is SEO? (And Why it Matters For Your Business!)

If you have a website and are interested in monetizing it, then you’ve probably heard of search engine optimization (SEO). The world of SEO is expansive and can be a little intimidating, but fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert to make it work for your business.

As digital marketers, SEO is a core competency of The Caruana Group, both for ourselves and our clients. We help make websites more visible through advanced SEO tactics, and by offering content creation for companies to post to social media and their websites. Here’s a quick inside look at how we do SEO…

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Easy Tips for Better Photos

High-quality visuals are not optional if you want your business to be successful on social media, but you don’t have to be a professional photographer to take great photos for your audience.  Whether you’re taking photos on an iPhone, Android or point and shoot camera, here are a few ways you can up your photo game in 2019.

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Will Using Scheduling Tools Impact Organic Reach on Facebook?

Will Using Scheduling Tools Impact Organic Reach on Facebook?How to Use 3rd Party Apps to Your Advantage When Posting on Social Media

For a long time, marketers have been told to fight against 3rd party scheduling tools out of fear that your posts’ organic reach would be compromised. The idea was that Facebook would favor posts who used their native tools to post content, therefore spending more time on the site. For a while, Instagram would even punish those who used scheduling tools to publish by banning accounts and hiding posts.

Lucky for us, the game has since changed.

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Facebook Ad Relevance Score: What it Means and How to Get a "Perfect 10"

Before we break down the details about ad relevance scores, I’d like to mention this is NOT always the best way to measure an ad’s success, nor does a simple number between 1 and 10 give you any information on how to improve your ad’s performance. Your ad’s relevance score should simply act as a starting point for further analysis, such as a deeper dive into metrics like cost-per-lead, return-on-ad-spend (ROAS), and other key performance indicators.

Having said that, you know this metric matters greatly when you work with clients. It’s a number that’s easy for clients to see when they are poking around in their reporting, and Facebook makes it just approachable enough for them to understand the basics. Therefore, it’s important to be able to explain the relevance score of your ads to your clients.

Even more importantly, you NEED to have a specific plan to share with your clients (or just to implement for your own business!) if you launch an ad that comes back with a low relevance score.

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Everything You Need to Know about Using Hashtags for Your Business

So how do you find the right hashtags to use?

There are two general categories of hashtags you want to pick from: branded and community. Branded hashtags are those unique to your business. They can be simple, like something related to your business’s name or tagline, or something kitschy and creative used for inspiration, to promote a campaign or to collect user-generated content. Community hashtags are those used by like-minded Instagrammers to collect similarly themed photos. This is where you’ll connect with other users, improve the SEO of your post and gain followers.

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