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Get More Customers.

turn Your Happy Customers into a fully automated customer driven Marketing Engine.


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BirdEye is a reputation marketing platform that makes it easy for businesses to get positive reviews and amplify their good reputation everywhere.

Get New Reviews

It’s a breeze to get new reviews on sites that matter to your business!

BirdEye automatically sends a review request SMS to your customer's cell phone, getting new reviews for your business directly on Google, CitySearch and Facebook.

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Manage Negative Reviews

Instant review alerts — Keep a finger on the pulse of customer feedback in real-time

Protect your brand — Quickly and easily address customer satisfaction issues before they escalate

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Auto Promote
Your Best Reviews

With BirdEye, your positive reviews are automatically showcased on your website, Google+, Facebook and Twitter, and indexed by search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for higher search result ranking.

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Rank High on Google, 
Above Your Competitors!

With BirdEye, your business ranks high on Google and with a positive reputation. That means customers choose you, and not your competitors.