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With a Sales Funnel Audit, you’ll remove uncertainty by having an objective review, based on my expertise communicating the value a company delivers according to the needs of its audience. With your audit, we will zero in on what you need to motivate your audience into action through your digital marketing.

With your completed audit, you’ll get recommendations customized for your business and your audience. Including suggestions YOU can put into action right away.

You’ll be able to prioritize your resources on solutions that will give you better results sooner. So you can do even more cool marketing campaigns that’ll bring in more business.


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It Starts with Your Funnel

Is Your Funnel Getting The Job Done?


Lead Traffic

There's a wealth of traffic sources available to help drive leads into your sales funnel. TCG will help you understand how to PROPERLY take advantage of traffic sources specific to your industry, in order to generate high-quality leads that will convert. Our methods will help you virtually ELIMINATE wasted marketing spend.



Traditional copywriting just doesn't cut it anymore! The point of copywriting for your Website, Emails, Ads, Sales Pages, etc. is to capture your customer's attention and get them to engage with you. This is where good story telling comes into play. TCG takes this a step further and turns story telling into "Story Selling!"


Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is one of the most crucial components of your sales funnel. It helps you convert your inbound traffic into real sales by building trust and developing relationships at the same time. TCG has a PROVEN methodical approach to helping you develop an automated lead nurturing sequence that delivers results.


Follow Up

The biggest point of failure for most companies is Follow Up. Without good follow up, good marketing is like harvesting a big crop only to let it spoil out on the field. It doesn't need to be this way! TCG will help you implement and automate a follow up system that will INCREASE your conversion ratios and drive MORE revenue.


A Sales Funnel Audit is Perfect For…

Facebook, Google Ad or Geo-fence campaigns that are sending visitors to a web page but they aren’t taking the action you want.

  • Website pages with plenty of traffic but low conversion rates.

  • Improving the ROI from your website redesign.
    » Guiding message and design strategies BEFORE you hire a website developer/designer.

  • Getting your team on the same page for turning around poor performing digital campaigns and websites.


We’ll take a deep dive into your funnel’s design and messaging, analytics, business goals and competition. We’ll investigate problem areas that are causing dips in your funnel stats. Such as message mismatch between your ad and your landing page, lack of benefit-focused headlines and missing social proof that backs your claims.

You’ll receive a detailed report that will:

  • Show you what you’ve been missing when analyzing and understanding your visitor’s journey.

  • Tell you why prospects are leaving your funnel based on metrics.

  • Remove the guesswork from how to seal the leaks in your funnel.

  • Provide copy and design principles that can improve your conversion rate.

  • Save you time turning around your conversion rate.

  • Prevent you from repeating mistakes in the future.


5 Days to Funnel Envy

Don’t Miss Out!

Funnels don’t NEED to be complicated. A basic funnel really just has 5 parts. And they’re WAY easier to put together than you think.

We will start your Digital Brand Envy journey with getting you a working basic funnel in just FIVE days, just one hour per day. 

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